Addressing Organizational Readiness: Links to Other Resources

Vision, mission, and strategy plan:

From GrantSpace (a service of the Foundation Center)  
How do I start a nonprofit organization?  With all key elements and links to work on the vision, mission and strategy plan…

From TCC Group (focused on the nonprofit sector)
Ten keys to successful strategic planning for nonprofits and foundations leaders

From the Free Management Library (focused on nonprofit and for-profit sectors)
Understanding strategic planning

Board members and how to engage them:

From BoardSource
BoardSource's Knowledge and Resource Center is a gateway to an extensive array of information dealing with nonprofit governance. The Resource Center presents a variety of resources including some about how to engage board members

Maximize your Board of Directors, Staff, Volunteers and Constituents

From Taproot Foundation
Board Service Hub
contains information and resources on leveraging a nonprofit board’s pro bono expertise

The importance of getting volunteers involved with a nonprofit organization:

From Reimagining Service
Tools and resources to assist your organization in strengthening your volunteer engagement practices

Nonprofit boards and volunteers program; how to get their support and involvement

Nonprofits boards and the volunteer program

Effective relationship building

From Harvard Business Review 
8 ways to build collaborative teams

Volunteer management

From HandsOn Network
HandsOnNetwork volunteer management guide

From Urban Institute
Volunteer management: practices and retention of volunteers

From ‘s volunteer management resources center: what is volunteer management? Best practices

From Energize Inc.
List of major web sources of information on volunteer management

From VolunteerMatch’s resource center on volunteer management

Role and importance of skills-based and pro bono volunteers in the nonprofit sector

From Stanford Social Innovation Review
“The new volunteer  work  force”: nonprofit leaders must develop a more strategic approach to managing this overlooked and undervalued talent pool
From HandsOn Network
A list of useful  tools and resources about skills-based and pro bono volunteering: reports, surveys, and case studies from Points of Light Institute, Deloitte, and more

Step by step workbook for scoping, securing, and managing pro bono service

From Taproot Foundation
Powered by Pro Bono: A Nonprofit's Guide to Scope, Secure and Manage Pro Bono Resources