Best Practices, Common Risks, and Key Tenets of Effective Pro Bono Projects

In its white paper, “Designing for Impact Framework,” the Taproot Foundation lays out five key tenets of effective pro bono service delivery:

The project is completed and delivered in a timely manner.

  • The deliverable is implementable and sustainable.
  • The client’s and pro bono consultants’ expectations are met or exceeded.
  • All parties involved report high satisfaction with the group’s interactions.
  • The client reports the project made an impact.

This white paper also describes the common challenges and risks organizations face in adhering to these effectiveness tenets and provides best practices for overcoming them.

By utilizing this planning framework and implementing the appropriate recommendations, your organization will be more likely to strongly benefit from a pro bono project. To learn more about effective project planning, reference the “Manage” section of Taproot Foundation’s Powered by Pro Bono book.