Project Scope Consultant Role Description

It’s often helpful to secure a relevant subject matter expert to assess your organizational needs and identify particular project types that are suited to address  those challenges. Don’t go at it alone. Consider an outside perspective to test your assumptions. Look for thought partners with significant experience like an executive staff member, board member or community volunteer. The role description below can assist you in finding a skilled volunteer to serve in this position.

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  • Apply expertise in a core business skill to help the nonprofit assess its needs and scope suitable project types
  • Define the overall project objectives, as well as various deliverables and possible deadlines
  • Set expectations in terms of projected results and impacts — short and long term
  • Establish pre-requirements in terms of equipment, budget, etc.
  • Describe the skills and the competencies needed for the future volunteer

Qualifications and skills needed:

  • 5 to 7 years of business experience in at least one of the major core business domains: Marketing, Finance, HR, Communication, Technology, etc.
  • Project management experience
  • Excellent communication and listening skills

New skills and competencies developed:

  • Knowledge of the nonprofit sector, its constraints and challenges; knowledge of volunteer management
  • Developing feasible projects with part-time availability
  • Sharing expertise and teaching business notions and methodology
  • Leadership