Sourcing/Recruiter Role Description

Securing a volunteer recruiter to assist your organization with sourcing can be very beneficial. The skills-based service leader in this role will help create a flow of volunteer candidates with the right skills and talents to take on your specific projects.

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  • Help implement a talent acquisition system
  • Generate a source of volunteers through social media campaigns and web presence
  • Understand the needed skill sets and communicate those needs to sourcing partners
  • Seek out partners who can provide suitable volunteers
  • Establish agreement and define the process with partners

Qualifications and skills needed:

  • At least 2 years of recruiting marketing and talent acquisition experience in a small business/nonprofit environment
  • Strong knowledge of the various talent acquisition tools and resources, especially those online
  • Strong communication and listening skills

New skills and competencies developed:

  • Ability to find solutions with limited resources
  • Knowledge of the nonprofit sector and volunteer management
  • Teaching/sharing  business knowledge to improve processes
  • Leadership
  • Ability to influence