Understanding Your Needs

In Taproot Foundation’s Powered by Pro Bono, the  “Understanding Your Pro Bono Project Needs” tool provides guidance and worksheets to help an organization strategically  identify and vet specific needs that can be well addressed through pro bono service. This tool can also be used to translate some of those needs into specific project types as a helpful starting place to begin informed discussions.

Once you’ve gotten a sense of your relevant needs, you may find it helpful to then draft an initial request for services by using Taproot’s Pro Bono Common Application Template.

When soliciting pro bono resources it’s beneficial to make an “informed ask.” This entails providing  a potential source with any information it requires to consider offering its service, proposing a concrete starting point for scoping and timing discussions, and demonstrating your organizational readiness at a project level.

The Pro Bono Common Application Template incorporates these elements and can help drive more turnkey discussions with the sources you approach.